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From the big, wide open of the prairie to the thick tangles of the northern alder swamps, the 1875 lets you keep tabs on your pointing dogs. This is the pinnacle of Sport DOG®efficiency. A situation-programmable Transmitter controls a compact, waterproof Collar Receiver, and at the same time remotely operates a rugged, waterproof, audible beeper. With a 1-mile range and 3-dog expandability, control and flexibility are always at your fingertips.


  • Audible to 500 yards

  • 9 selectable tones

  • Change tones from up to 1 mile

  • 3 selectable modes: silent, 5 second, 10 second beep

  • Instant locate feature with the touch of a Transmitter button

  • Realhawk™ beeper sound

  • DryTek® waterproof and submersible to 25 feet

  • Contoured beeper design

  • Placement knob to secure beeper in place

Sport Dog 1875

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