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About Us

If you are like us, you find it impossible to enjoy the pursuit of upland game birds without the company of a stylish, companion gun dog. For over fifty years Dick has bred, trained and hunted companion English setters of his own use and for clients. Dark Hollow English Setters are bred for conformation, temperament and hunt package; and they are thoughtful, cooperative dogs that are as home in front of your fireplace as in the field. Sensitive and calm they only take time, patience and birds to develop. While they point early, retrieve naturally and often back naturally, their emotional development calls for a gentle hand.

If you are looking for a natural gun dog that hunts to the gun, loves heavy cover and wants nothing more than to cooperate, we can be of help. These are setters of generations past that have hunted the grouse coverts of the northeast. Historic bloodlines such as Ryman, Old Hemlock and Twombly provide foundation blood for their pedigrees. We concentrate on developing the best from our proven grouse dogs.

If interested or you just want to talk setters, give us a call. If we cannot help you, we may be able to refer you to someone who can. If we do not currently have pups, we can most always point an interested client in the right direction. We also provide stud service to qualified females, occasionally have started dogs available, and specialize in training these special companions know as Dark Hollow English Setters.

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