This medium-sized Slicker comb is perfect for removing tangles and loose hair.  It is perfect for the comfortable brushing of any sized pet, and is great for reaching the undercoat. Regular use of this comb will reduce shedding and grooming time. This comb's soft pad and angled flexible pins allow you to groom without irritating your pet's skin. This brush will stimulate and massage your pet's skin, distributing natural oils and leaving your pet happy, with a clean and healthy coat!


  • Rectangular brush is 4" long by 2" wide, with a 6" handle
  • 0.5" long fine alloy pins
  • Quality Alloy Pin Grooming Brush, on a Bamboo Handle with inset rubber grips
  • Beautiful eco-friendly bamboo handle, luxury grade finish
  • Soft pad and angled flexible pins allows for effective grooming without irritating your pet's skin
  • Use this brush to finish the coat

Bass Medium Wire Slicker Comb (A-20)

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