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Warner Sporting Italian Dog collar Bells are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Italy, ensuring their uniqueness and quality compared to mass-produced alternatives. Each bell undergoes a meticulous process of cutting, hammering, shaping, and finishing, resulting in distinct characteristics that set them apart. The bells are brazed at the seams to produce a clear and resonant tone that can be heard over long distances. With their unique sound, these bells allow you to easily identify your pet based solely on the sound they produce. These bells are particularly useful in situations where you cannot directly see your dog, providing an audible way to locate them. The bells feature leather loops on the top, designed to easily slide over dog collars that are 1" wide. Experience the craftsmanship and quality of these hand-made Italian bells, delivering a pure and delightful ringing tone. Enhance your pet's identification and safety with these authentic bells imported from Italy.

Warner Sporting Italian hand-made Dog Collar Bells

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